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My 9 year old daughter had been bed wetting. Took a lot of different approaches to this problem that we thought she would grow out of but she didn't until we tried homeopathy. It worked instantly. It is amazing.

Thanking you Catherine

My 11 year old son suffered a lot with hayfever symptoms for years. Decided to try homeopathy and it is amazing in what it has done for him. We treated him Consititutionally and not alone has his hayfever subsided but he is so much happier in himself. - Joan Mother.

My 18 year old daughter suffered with Asthma from a very young age. I started off with tissue salt for asthma and used remedies to match the symptom when she would get an attack and then decided to go for Constitutional treatment and found it miraculous. I was skeptical at first but am amazed at what it can do. Cliona

I went to my doctor when I felt very tired and had blood tests done and was told that I had an underactive thyroid and was told I would need treatment if the blood tests came back with the same levels in two months. Started taking homeopathic remedies and had blood tests done after two months and my thyroid levels & energy levels were back to normal. Mairin

I had both hands covered in warts. Had them removed by my doctor but kept coming back. I was treated homeopathically for various conditions and then decided to try homeopathy for my warts. They got slightly painful at first, turned black and fell off without any scars and never came back.


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