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Swine Flu - what to do Public concern about Swine Flu has led to a surge in requests for information about the Homeopathic response to this health issue. 

The Homeopathic approach to infections is two-fold - general prevention using remedies to build up the immune system and then treatment of the condition itself where necessary.Homeopaths.

Infections usually affect people whose immune systems are low. For anyone worried about Swine Flu the most appropriate course of action is to make an appointment with your Homeopath to assess your current level of health.

The Homeopath can then advise on what treatment, if any, is necessary to help you strengthen your health defences.

This is known as "Constitutional Treatment" where the practitioner prescribes remedies suited to the individual to boost that person's wellbeing.

Constitutional remedies are given to maintain health even where there are no specific symptoms of an illness present.

Where someone has acquired an infection, remedies are prescribed for the acute condition.

For a serious condition, remedies should only be taken under the supervision of a fully qualified professional practitioner.

In an acute situation a person may require several different remedies to treat the illness.

Should you become unwell, It is therefore important to immediately contact your Homeopath and also stay in contact with your General Practitioner.

General guidelines have been issued by the Health Service Executive and should also be followed.

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