Homeopathy, Scenar & Asyra Pro - Teresa Mhic Dhonncha, ISHom, Lic.GCH
The 1st Aid Course in Homeopathy is covered over 3 evenings
Seachtain 1 / Week 1 
  • Stair / Brief history of homeopathy
  • Eolas bunúsach / Basic principles of homeopathy
  • Briseadh / Tea Break
  • Remedies: Arn, Aconite, Bell, Cham
  • Casanna / Practice cases
  • Céard is féidir le Hoiméapaite a dhéanamh/ What’s treated with Homeopathy i.e. First Aid, Constitutional, Support & Cell Salts.
  Seachtain 2 / Week 2 
  • Eolas Ghinearlta ar Shláinte / General concepts of health & disease
  • Céard is féidir leat a dhéanamh sa mbaile / Categories of acute illness & conditions that can be treated safely at home.
  • Treoirlínte chun roghnú & remedies a riaradh / Guidelines for selecting & administering acute remedies at home
  • Briseadh / Tea Break
  • Remedies: Apis, Ars, Bry, Rhus tox
  • Practice cases
   Seachtain 3 / Week 3 
  • Bealaí chun remedy a roghnú / How to take a case to allow the selection of a remedy
  • Billeoga Eolais / Handout of observation checklist to assist with case taking
  • Briseadh / Tea Break
  • Remedies: Coffea, Puls, Gels, Nux Vom
  • Casanna / Practice cases
  • Billeoga Eolais / Handout guidelines for administering the remedies
  • Billeoga Eolais / Handout on fevers to reinforce the natural regulatory systems of the body.
  Beidh fillteán ar fáil ar an oíche chun gach eolas a storáil agus seans bheith agat chun úsáid a bhaint as na remedies. Folders will be provided which will give you the opportunity to store the information given and to ensure you make use of Homeopathic Remedies.
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